About us

WondersWP is a blogging website that tests and verifies smartphones and gadgets at various smartphone manufacturers and brings you the best and most suitable devices for you. It was founded by Maunghla Tin Rakhine in October, 2020.

Maunghla Tin Rakhine Founder of WondersWP

We all know that in today’s world digital technology is evolving. Just as people want new devices to make everyday life easier, digital device manufacturers do more research, more analysis and bring new devices to market to meet this demand. The same goes for smartphones and related gadgets. Nowadays, the competition in the smartphone market has become so fierce that in order to survive in the competition, the smartphone manufacturers follow the trends to produce smartphones and try to provide better service to the users than others. As a result, the users are confused as there are many better quality and modern smartphones in the market. They can’t think which phone to buy and which phone not to buy! And just as it will be difficult to do research on your own to buy a phone, it will also waste time.
So in order to eliminate the confusion, waste of time and hassle of the users, we analyze and test the smartphones manufactured in different organizations and present the best devices to you.